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As business owners we always look to have a competitive advantage. Does your organization possess a specific attribute that makes it stand above the rest of your competition? Is there a special feature, service, or advantage that you offer that makes your organization stand taller than the rest?

I had recently completed some crowd funding work through a website called GoFundMe. GoFundMe’s help page claims that they try to reply within 5 minutes during office hours. On both occasions I required assistance, I was emailed a personal response telling me that my requests had been taken care of for me within minutes. My personal thought was, wow! No canned response, no form email. I wasn’t given instructions on how to fix the issues I created, they were handled for me immediately! I received personal assistance that was handled promptly, effectively, and most importantly efficiently.

Do you provide this level of service for every one of your customers, every time? Do your customers feel that they have left every exchange with your company in a winning position? It’s never a bad idea to take a look at the moving components in your customer service process to determine if there are ways to improve.

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Christopher Kern holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Management from Indiana Wesleyan University. Christopher completed his bachelors degree at Indiana University focusing on Organizational Communication and Applied Ethics.

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